Berkeley Ensemble at 10 – UK Tour

The ensemble recently celebrated their 10th birthday with a concert at Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room featuring the world premiere of A Bagatelle, written specially for the occasion composer by John Woolrich.

This month, the ensemble take to the road and bring this new work to audiences in Wiltshire, Glasgow and Luton in a programme which also includes Schubert’s jubilant Octet.

A Bagatelle is written for the same instrumentation as Schubert’s Octet, with a slight alteration – as John Woolrich writes ‘Schubert’s trio of dark wind instruments is darkened still further be swapping the bassoon for its deeper cousin the contrabassoon.’  Writing further about the piece, John explains ‘In much of the piece the strings and the wind operate as two separate ensembles, often starkly hocketing with each other, with the same line jumping unexpectedly between the two groups’.

The ensemble are very much looking forward to introducing this new work to audiences across the country!  For more details, see the links below:

Schubert and Woolrich in Glasgow
Schubert and Woolrich in Wiltshire
Schubert and Woolrich in Luton